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Transitioning Identity

As discussed in the previous post of this series, I believe that a student needs to grasp four key components of faith before transitioning into life after high school. Those four qualities are: identity, community, wisdom and ownership, and, of these four, identity is the core component on which all the … Continue Reading

Transitioning Faith

A Student Exit Strategy

In Luke 15, Jesus tells the parable of the lost son. This story, possibly better termed the parable of the two lost sons, is very appropriate for this transitional issue. The young son has had enough of house and home, so he packs up the Mustang (maybe literally), and he leaves. Ready or not, distant […]

Transition Roles: Playing Your Part

Spring is just around the corner, which means baseball’s first pitch is not far behind. When putting together a good baseball team, a team manager must fill every position. First, second and third basemen, pitcher, catcher, shortstop and the outfielders – all important roles on the team. For a team to play well, each player […]

January Term

Keep Current on Legal Issues

Today’s lesson features video from Dr. Allen Jackson’s Protecting Your Students and Your Student Ministry conference. Dr. Jackson shares tips on how you as a Student Minister can not only protect your students but your student ministry. In this session he talks about the need to  “Keep Current on Legal Issues”: Ten Commandments of Risk Management […]

Preparing Your Teenager to be a Mature Believer

Today’s lesson features video from the fourth session of Dr. Richard Ross’s Accelerate conference. Dr. Ross walks us through his newest book, Accelerate: Parenting Teenagers Toward Adulthood, equipping leaders to transition their students to adulthood. In the fourth session he covers these topics: Preparing Your Teenager to be a Mature Believer Sending Your Teenager on a Gap-Year Mission […]

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Recent Lessons on Personal Growth

A Lifetime of Learning

Youth ministers have innumerable ways to express their delight in Christ and His glory. One of those ways is learning about Him, His kingdom, and His ministry for a lifetime. Restlessness that leads to lifetime learning flows from a thirsty, transformed heart. One way to continue learning is through formal study. If you sense that […]

The Point of Youth Ministry

Christ is the founder of youth ministry, the goal of youth ministry, and the one who should shape youth ministry. Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch say it this way: “It is Christology (the exploration of the person, teachings and impact of Jesus Christ) that determines missiology (our purpose and function in the world), which in […]

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Recent Lessons on Professional Growth

Resolutions and Revolutions

In 2014, I celebrated two decades as youth ministry prof at New Orleans Seminary.  Any time there is a zero at the end of an anniversary, a birthday, or ministry tenure, we tend to reflect a bit.  We also naturally reflect as a new year begins.  As 2015 begins, what if you thought about your […]


The ever-accurate Wikipedia defines volunteerism as “The involvement of volunteers especially in community service or with a non-profit organization.” The U.S.A. has a history of volunteerism. The earliest Americans got together and helped each other build houses and plant (and share) crops. Benjamin Franklin developed the first volunteer firehouse in 1736–more than 70% of all […]

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Recent Lessons on Relational Growth

Intentional Relationships During the Holidays

In 1994, my wife Judi and I moved from being on church staff for the first 15 years of our marriage to being faculty here at the seminary.  Our move to the “ivory tower” had a couple of surprises.  First, I remember fall of 1994. We had only been at the seminary for a month, […]


So the election season is upon us.  In Louisiana, our motto is “vote early, vote often” (probably need to know a little Louisiana history to get that one–Google Huey Long).  Now another cycle of elections will be contested and recontested.  I remember a sign on the highway that combined election season with the Thanksgiving season. […]

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Recent Lessons on Spiritual Growth

Something Big

When are you significant? When you accomplish something “big” for God, or When you rest in grace, serve faithfully, and leave the results to the King. From time to time I am tempted to choose option 1. I go through phases when I want to have a “big” role is seeing a Christ awakening erupt […]

The Spiritual Disciplines

Bill Hull widely is respected as a leader in the field of discipleship. He says, “The common teaching is that a Christian is someone who by faith accepts Jesus as Savior, receives eternal life, and is safe and secure in the family of God; a disciple is a more serious Christian active in the practice […]

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